The emotional power of video also allows marketers to make a more personal connection with their audience than they can with other types of paid advertising.

In fact, advertisers who ran a YouTube video campaign saw an average increase of 20% more traffic to their site, according to Google.

Want to get in on that? In this post, I’ll take you through:

The 3 types of YouTube ads

How to create your video ads

How to optimize your video ads (with the help of landing pages)

Let’s get started…

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There are a lot more items of content that could be on this list. But don’t let the number overwhelm you. You don’t need to tackle them all – just pick a few that you think you can do well, and consistently. The key is new content on a regular basis to attract the attention of search engines and new customers.

Most importantly, don’t wait until you have perfect content. Start creating content today. The more you create, the more momentum you build, and better you will get.

via Startup Professionals Musings: 10 Top Marketing Content Sources For Your Startup.

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Everyone can’t seem to create custom, high quality content fast enough, but what most people don’t realize is that you CAN gain a competitive edge by expanding your content marketing offering.  And that is exactly what content curation does.

In short, what content curation does is leverage on the power of other people’s content, then put it in the context of your brand while populating the virtual world with resources that points to you as an industry leader.

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To give you a sense of some of the ill-advised guidance shared with marketing pros over the years, we compiled some of the worst advice we’ve heard and explained why it’s bad. Read on — have you heard any of these “words of wisdom” before?

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Gareth Davies talks to Joel Ackerman, writer and director of the Poo Pouri viral video advert and creative content director for Orabrush. In this article get the latest tips on how you can effectively produce and market web videos for your business.

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Does your company blog suffer from being a me-me-me publishing platform? Is it a repository for blah, boring content that a someone in your organization published so he could check it off his To Do list?

If you feel yourself sliding down on your chair in fear that other readers will realize this epitomizes your blog, don’t worry, there are steps you can take to transform your blog into a more effective marketing machine.

via 7 Steps To Make Your Blog A Marketing Machine – Heidi Cohen.

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When Twitter first came out, gaining traffic from it was simple. All you had to do was sign up, and people would naturally follow you because there weren’t millions of other users to choose from. And when you tweeted a link, people would click on it as the concept of tweets was new.

But now that people are used to this, gaining traffic from Twitter isn’t as easy as it used to be. Due to this, I decided to create an infographic that will teach you how to grow your Twitter traffic and engagement by 324%.

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A great Pinterest image is simple, stands out, and is sharable.

Keeping that in mind, below are four ways to make your images spread across the web, earning you additional website traffic and improved visibility.

via 4 Ways to Create Pinterest Images that Get Shared.

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By the time Michael Rubin was in his 20s, he had built a closeout business that was generating more than $100 million a year in revenue.

Rubin learned the business model because he had to. He was pressed against the wall. That’s how Rubin has learned most of what he knows about business.

Here are his best tips.

via The Brilliance of Failure, In the Words of a Self-Made Billionaire |

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The rise of social media saw many bloggers join the race to build Facebook likes, Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections to grow tribes on social media. These all work well and provide a way for bloggers to distribute, gain attention and amplify their content.As Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks kept changing the rules bloggers started to realise that one basic tactic had been forgotten that would give them more control.The art and science of building an email list.Growing your email list is something that should not be ignored by any blogger and should be included in your marketing tactics from day one.

via 10 Top Tips to Grow Your Email List – Jeffbullass Blog.

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